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Bystanders And Cop Rescue Man From Burning Car (Video)

Police in Anchorage, Alaska, released a dramatic dash cam video (below) May 17 of a cop and several bystanders freeing a man from a burning car on May 15.

Officer Mitchell Veenstra arrived on the scene where an overturned car had trapped the unidentified man by his arm. While the car burned, Veenstra and two bystanders struggled to tip the vehicle and free the driver, notes RT.

Two elderly women watched Veenstra and the two men fail to lift the car as the victim begged for his life.

Veenstra called some more men over, and they were able to lift the auto up so that the driver could get out.

"Oh, you guys saved my f----- life!" the driver said.

Veenstra ordered the bystanders several times to back away from the burning car in case it exploded.

Toward the end of the video, a fire truck arrived on the scene.

The driver told  Veenstra that he is a fireman, and added, "I thought I was literally going to die."

Some of the commenters on the Anchorage Police Department Facebook page wrote:

Wow he's lucky to walk away from that!

There are a lot of heroes in the world. God bless all of them.

God bless all policemen! You are the real super heroes! All thank you to all the men who assisted, you did the right thing when asked.

Heroes at work. Blessings to those who helped. But WHY THE HECK DID THOSE WOMEN NOT HELP???? OMG!! They just stood there, walking around, even walking AWAY while those men needed help tipping the vehicle. I am appalled! Thankful for the men ... but the women need to check their hearts.

Scary! Thank you to everyone who helped and glad no one was injured.

I am so incredibly thankful there were enough people around to push that vehicle and free him! That officer did an awesome job remaining calm and getting the situation under control and direction provided. How absolutely terrifying! So thankful the man made it out.

Sources: RT, Anchorage Police Department /Facebook / Photo credit: AnchoragePolice/YouTube

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