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Businessman Pays Psychic to Cast Love Spell on Woman for $210,000

A Spanish businessman who was desperate for a woman to fall in love with him is accused of looting $7.7 million from his soccer club to pay a fortune-teller $210,000 to cast a love spell on her.

Jose Laparra was arrested last week for trying to force the psychic to give him a refund when it didn't work. 

Laparra, who was president of Club Deportive Castellon between 2005 and 2011, visited psychic Lucia Martin on Wednesday with four of his friends to demand she give him $180,000 back.

But she seemed to have predicted his visit, because when he came, there were already police at the house.

Police seized the cash that the woman had hidden in a newspaper and arrested all five suspects.

Laparra soon suffered from an anxiety attack and was rushed to the hospital.

The five of them were released on bail on Friday.

Sources: NY Daily News


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