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Businessman Knocks Out Commuter Who Tries To Steal His Bag (Video)


CCTV footage captured a brief but intense encounter between two commuters at a train station in Colombia that ended with one man knocked out cold.

The video shows a man walking through the busy station carrying a black bag. Seconds later, a businesman in a suit comes after him and pulls his arm to try and get him to stop.

The businessman bends down and reaches for his bag, but comes up quickly and delivers a hard punch to the man's face. The thief stumbles backwards and falls to the floor. He remains there for a moment before a security official attends to him.

The incident, which was posted online and has garnered over 100,000 views, allegedly occured on the TransMilenio transport system in Bogota. The video's description indicated that the bag had been stolen from the businessman. 

Watch the heated confrontation below.

Sources: Mirror Online, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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