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Business Owners In Ferguson Asked If Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Reached Out After Riots

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Business owners of all races from Ferguson, Missouri, have just one question for Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: What about us?

Fox News recently featured a group of business owners from Ferguson in an effort to shed light on those whose businesses had been destroyed in the riots that followed the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case.

David Webb interviewed the business owners about the aftermath of the riots and how the situation affected their livelihood. The riots were a response to a grand jury decision in the case of the August killing of Brown by now-former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Among the people called out were Sharpton, Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan for their failure to reach out to local business following the riots. Sharpton in particular had been intensely involved in the protests and response that came after prosecutor Bob McCullough’s announcement of the decision, and had partly represented Brown’s family during press conferences.

“All these victims that are sitting here in this audience, have any of you been contacted by Al Sharpton, by Farrakhan, by anyone who came down here to and did this?” Webb asked. Not one of the business owners responded or raised a hand.

“They’re there to shout, to stoke the fires,” Webb said. “They didn’t go back to Ferguson after the aftermath.” Hannity referred to his guests, who all had their business destroyed in the protest riots, as the real “victims” of the situation and the aftermath in particular.

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