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Business Is Booming After Restaurant Bans Children Under 7 Years Old

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An Australian restaurant recently decided to ban children under the age of 7 after a screaming toddler disrupted the dining experience for other guests.

Since the implementation of this new rule, Flynn’s Restaurant has garnered worldwide attention.

According to the Cairns Post, chef and owner of the restaurant Liam Flynn asked a family of four to leave after their 2-year-old daughter began crying loudly.

The mother of the toddler later complained on Trip Advisor that Flynn had dealt with the situation unpleasantly, reported.

"The owner asked us to keep the noise down quite rudely," she wrote in her negative review. "Within a few minutes, he returned and asked us to take ‘the child’ out of the restaurant! … Within half an hour of our departure the policy for children at Flynn's was changed to 'no children under 7 allowed'. Interesting because age is rarely an issue with poor behaviour!"

In response to the mother’s review, Flynn wrote, in part: “Yes, we have applied the rule of not permitting children below the age of 7 in the restaurant minutes after you left because we respect our guests’ wishes to dine in a calm atmosphere. The feedback from our diners regarding screaming babies have been nothing but wholly negative...”

Flynn explained the last straw came for him after the 2-year-old started crying loudly and the mother blew up at him, Cairns Post reported.

When he was trying to explain that her toddler was disrupting other customers, she reportedly stormed out the door saying, “If you think that’s screaming, you haven’t heard anything, and you can get f----d.”

Realizing that he had to draw a line, Flynn decided to promote his restaurant as a child-free establishment from that point on, reported.

He settled on 7 years old as the minimum age to ensure that any kids who entered his restaurant could be trusted to behave.

So far, Flynn’s new rule has received widespread support.

According to IJReview, the restaurant just enjoyed its most profitable weekend in 14 years following the policy change.

Many customers agree that the presence of misbehaving children takes away from the dining experience, but at Flynn’s Restaurant, they can now enjoy a peaceful meal.

Flynn’s restaurant has won multiple awards in the past, including the Best European Restaurant for North Queensland and Catering Queensland Awards.

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