Bus Passengers Beat Up Man Harassing Elderly Couple (Video)

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A New York City bus passenger was beat up this weekend after he wouldn’t stop threatening and insulting an elderly couple on a bus. Footage from the incident was posted on the web yesterday and has already been viewed almost 80,000 times. 

In the video, the instigator is heard yelling at the old couple.

“F***in bitch,” he says. “You suck my d*** bitch. Yeah, call 911 bitch. F*** you bitch.”

As the obnoxious man approaches the couple, the elderly man stands up to defend himself and his companion. When the younger man shoves the older passenger, a group of witnesses step in and take action. They punch and hit the man repeatedly and force him off the bus.

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with the elderly. Strangers care about them more than they care about you.

Check out the footage:

Source: LiveLeak


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