Bus Hangs Dangerously Over Interstate 5, After Crash (Picture)


A Google Maps' street view picture of a charter bus hanging over Interstate 5, following a crash in Seattle, has surfaced.

The picture of the bus hanging 30 feet above Interstate 5 was found and posted by Google Street View World today.

The bus accident happened back in 2008, reported Jalopnik.com.

According to KATU, the charter bus from Northwestern Trailways was going down an icy hill when it fishtailed and turned sideways. That's when a second Northwestern Trailways bus also slid down the hill and hit the first bus, knocking it through the railing. Amazingly, the driver of the first bus actually tried to back up.

Many passengers exited via emergency windows head first or on their backs to get off the dangling bus.

Fortunately, all 80 passengers were able to get off both buses, but 11 were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.

The bus hung over Interstate 5 for hours until tow trucks pulled it back onto the street.

Sources: KATU, Google Street View World, Jalopnik.com


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