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Bus Driver Stops Attack With Heroic Act (Video)

The surveillance video is difficult to watch: 80-year-old Angie Olsen was sitting quietly on a public bus and looking out the window when a man got up, approached her without warning and kicked her in the face (video below).

Olsen didn't even see it coming -- the grainy video shows she didn't react defensively as the man's foot connected with her, setting off a chaotic scene on a bus in Port Angeles, Washington, on May 28.

Despite a police investigation, no one knows why 59-year-old Riley White allegedly went on his rampage. White saw Olsen for the first time since the attack on June 2, when he was brought to court for a preliminary hearing. He faces felony assault and kidnapping charges for the attack.

Meanwhile, bus driver Joy Crummett was hailed for her quick-thinking and heroics. Crummett was able to get the passengers out of the bus before fleeing and trapping Riley inside, long enough for police to arrive and arrest him.

Crummett was driving the public bus through Port Angeles -- a city of 19,190 -- a few minutes before 2 p.m. on May 28 when she heard Olsen's screams and looked in the rearview mirror to see Riley beating her, according to Peninsula Daily News.

After repeatedly punching Olsen and slamming her face onto the floor of the bus, White moved to the front, trying to take control from Crummett. Crummett stopped the bus and opened the doors, allowing the other passengers time to escape.

The video shows a long struggle between White and Crummett, 60, as he barks at her to close the doors again. Crummett was able to momentarily district White, using the opening to shut the engine off and disable the battery before slipping out of the bus's front door, KIRO reported. With the battery disabled, White couldn't open the doors and was trapped inside until police arrived.

Olsen, with deep purple bruises still marking her face, recalled the incident on camera for KIRO.

"He was giving me holy hell about something, 'I should kill you,’ something like that,” Olsen said.

Olsen and Crummett were both treated at a local hospital after the attack. Olsen had a fractured nose and was bleeding heavily in the moments after the attack, but was recovering. White remains in jail on $30,000 bail.

Sources: Peninsula Daily News, KIRO / Photo credit: YouTube

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