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Bus Driver Ignores Kids' Pleas To Stop, Drops Middle Schoolers In Wrong City

Parents in Coral Springs, Fla., are steaming mad today after a school bus dropped their children off not only at the wrong stop but in the wrong city.

After last school year, Broward County officials vowed not to repeat a series of busing fiascos that included school buses dropping kids off in the wrong place or not showing up to pick up waiting students at all.

This school year is off to a flying start with one rude bus driver, who needed only to take the middle school students 10 minutes from their homes, letting them off at a school in Pompano Beach — eight miles away.

The seven girls on the bus, ranging in age from 10-13, said they told the driver to pull over when he passed their stop, but he ignored them and kept going. When one of the girls called her father on a cell phone, the dad asked to speak to the driver, but the driver refused, saying he could not speak on the phone while driving.

“I’m totally frustrated, mad, angry," said Wilson Cisneros, father of 10-year-old Samantha Cisneros (pictured), one of the passengers on the misrouted bus. "I just can’t believe a person would just drop a child off in the street basically to just fend for yourself.”

His wife, Tracy, wants more information about the errant driver.

“He was not nice, he wouldn’t communicate to my husband and say where he was dropping them off," she said to NBC News Channel 6 in South Florida. "It’s not good. It’s not acceptable. And where are they getting these people from?”

A school district representatives said “the safety and security of our students is our highest priority." Tracy Clark added that the district was investigating the wrong-stop incident.

Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie remained upbeat.

“By all accounts, the reports I’ve seen and heard today are all very positive,” he said.

SOURCES: NBC News Channel 6, Daily Mail


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