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Bus Driver Calls Police Because Student Says the Word 'Rifle'

An elementary school student has been suspended from riding a school bus after he took a Power Rangers toy gun aboard the vehicle in Auburn, Maine.

The bus was taking students from Sherwood Heights Elementary School to their homes on Wednesday when the bus driver overheard a student say the word "rifle."

“Of course when he heard that, he pulled over,” Superintendent Katy Grondin told the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal.

Instead of asking the student about the word "rifle," the frightened bus driver called the police.

When police officers arrived they found that the 'rifle" was actually a Power Rangers toy gun.

“Police spoke to the boy and said he can't bring that to school,” added Grondin, who stood by the bus driver's choice to call law enforcement over the word "rifle."

“Student safety is always first,” said Grondin. “We tell students, 'To you it's a toy, but it's not appropriate.'”

Grondin also scolded parents who "need to be mindful to review what might be going in backpacks before school."

Students across the country have been suspended for bringing toy non-weapons to school, eating pastries in the shape of a gun or even using imaginary guns.

Some lawmakers are trying to stop the school suspensions.

In Florida, there is a proposed law says “simulating a firearm” would not be grounds for disciplinary action, nor would be “brandishing a partially consumed pastry or other food item,” notes the Orlando Sentinel.

Maryland State Sen. J. B. Jennings introduced a bill to stop extreme punishment last March, reported the Huffington Post.

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern introduced a similar bill in her state.

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