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Bus Driver Beats Up Passenger Who Refuses To Pay Fare (Video)

A female bus driver was caught on video as she punched a customer who refused to pay her fare.

The video shows the two women arguing on the bus and then physically attacking one another, while other passengers on the bus watch and record the fight, according to the Inquisitr.

The fight played out near the front of the bus, where it appears the bus driver confronted the passenger about not paying her way.

The bus driver swears repeatedly at the women and tells her that she is going to “pay for this” in the video.

After she is yelled at for a few minutes, the passenger decides to hold her bag up threateningly, and then hits the bus driver with it.

In response, the driver punches the women and hits her with her keys until she bring the passenger to the ground.

Other people who witnessed the fight then push the defeated, non-paying passenger out of the bus, so it can keep moving.

No information about the location of the fight or if authorities were alerted to the incident has been found.

In some previous instances of violence between bus drivers and their passengers, jail time has been allotted to participants on both sides of the fight.

Source: The Inquisitr


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