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'The Printed Name Is Exactly The Same': Bank Teller Meets Burglary Victim, Burglar Both Trying To Access The Same Bank Account At The Same Time

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Feng Wan was reporting a stolen bank card when the man who robbed him attempted to withdraw cash at the next register over, all of which was captured in photos of the event.

Wen Sun had allegedly stolen almost $700 and two bank cards in the Jiangxi province of China when he attempted to withdraw cash from the bank. When he asked the teller to withdraw cash, the teller asked for an ID card. When Sun failed to provide identification, the teller asked him to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

“During the waiting another man walked in and he wanted to withdraw money with two deposit books,” Ye Lu, the bank teller, said. "Once I looked at the first deposit book I felt a bit weird as the printed name is exactly the same as the one who just reported loss.”

Lu reported that Sun wanted to withdraw $1,600, but that he entered the wrong password twice in a row.

“At the same time the first client passed me the filled form and I found the information he filled is exactly the same on the deposit books,” Lu said.

Sun was caught inside the bank and wrestled to the ground before being arrested.

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Sources: Metro, Independent


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