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Burglars Make Shocking Discovery Inside Home, Then Do Something Unspeakable

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Two burglars attempting to rob a Washington home discovered a woman’s body while inside. Instead of notifying someone, they hid the body and assumed her identity.

James Conner and Curtis Jones reportedly broke into the woman’s home during a random attempt to steal valuables and sell them for profit. The two men got inside and concluded that nobody was home, then began to search the property. They subsequently wandered outside and found the woman’s body lying on the ground next to a truck, along with the dead body of her horse.

The 63-year-old woman had been deceased for some time, as co-workers reported her missing on June 20th. 

“Instead of running away or making an anonymous phone call, they took the body away and wrapped it up and hid it on their property under a bale of hay,” Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer said.

The two men ultimately decided to assume the woman’s idenitity, putting her vehicles in their names and selling them as well as using her bank accounts and credit cards to make purchases.

“We were able to backtrack that these guys were actually burglars and thieves and not murderers,” Troyer said. “But still, pretty creepy… the whole thing’s totally bizarre.” Authorities were alerted to the fraud after the woman’s credit union — knowing that she’d been reported missing — noticed activity in her accounts. 

Conner and Jones were arrested and charged with multiple counts of theft and identity theft. Police believe that the men were not involved in the woman’s death, though the burglary likely took place before she was reported missing.

Sources: Mad World News, ABC News

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