Burglar's Footprints Lead Authorities To House Next Door To The One He Broke Into


A burglar in London was caught and arrested after police traced wet footprints left at the house he broke into to his own residence next door.

30-year-old Akin Akinniran was sentenced to 5 years in prison after he broke into the house of his next-door neighbor, Mariamma Sesy.

According to the Hackney Gazette, Sesy had reportedly set up a homemade burglar trap out of bowls filled with water placed under the window in her kitchen. When she heard the bowls smashing, she quickly went into the kitchen to find Akinniran escaping through the front door. She did not recognize him as her neighbor.

Sesy and her husband then discovered a knife left in the house, as well as a set of wet footprints created from the bowls of water that the burglar stepped into. The footprints were traced to Akinniran’s doorstep. Police performed a DNA test on the knife and arrested Akinniran soon after.

Although he initially denied breaking into Sesy’s home, Akinniran pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary at a hearing last week. “This was an opportunistic burglary, he lives close by and he is unfortunately looking for work and is on benefits and he made a very bad decision,” Priya Patel, a representative for Akinniran’s defense, said. “Perhaps that it was the very next property to his indicates his desperation.” Patel claimed that her client never planned to use the knife, and he only had it in his possession because he “had been threatened by other people in the past.”

Judge Joanna Korner, who sentenced Akinniran, told the burglar that what he pleaded guilty to was “the most serious of offenses.”

“I’ve never seen anything so stupid as breaking into your neighbour’s flat and accept it’s a measure of how desperate you were for money,” Korner said during the sentencing. “To break into a house is bad enough but to break in with a weapon which could have been used – although I accept you made no attempt to use it – is much worse.”

Source: Hackney Gazette / Photo Credit: hackneygazette.co.uk


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