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Burglars Break Into Wrong Home, Get More Than They Bargained For

A pair of burglars got an unexpected surprise when they messed with the wrong victim's house.

Garfield Morgan and his accomplice, Kim Gorton, broke into the home of Harry Harrington, an infamous sex predator, and were horrified when their victim overpowered then, tied them up and kept them for five days.

Harrington, known as the Wolfman, overpowered the men and were able to capture them when they entered his home. The 300-pound predator then sodomized them for five days, and police only intervened after a neighbor heard the men crying for help.

“They broke in my front door, so I broke in their back doors!” Harrington reportedly told police, Thugify reported. Both men were arrested on burglary charges, and Harrington was jailed for keeping the men captive.

In a similar incident, two men were arrested on charges of investigation of a residential burglary, third-degree malicious mischief and obstructing a law enforcement officer. Daniel Lee Johnson and Christopher Douglas Brogan were arrested after Brogan was found hiding inside the trunk of a vehicle shortly after the burglary occurred. Johnson was then arrested at his home soon after.

“The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank those citizens who chose to provide deputies with the necessary information to confirm Johnson’s identification and whereabouts,” Chief Criminal Deputy Brian King told the Peninsula Daily News.

“It is only with the public’s support that we are able to continue to be successful in holding persons such as Brogan and Johnson accountable for their actions.”

Bail for Johnson was set at $10,000, while bail for Brogan was set lower than the requested $20,000.

Sources: ThugifyPeninsula Daily News / Photo credit: Thugify

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