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Burglars May Have Saved Dog's Life (Video)

A group of burglars in Illinois may have unwittingly saved a dog's life on July 25 (video below).

Irish Nobleman Pub's surveillance cameras were rolling as the scene unfolded, the Daily Mail reports.

The thieves were attempting to steal a laptop from a truck, likely unaware of the German Shepherd dog inside, suffering in the heat.

Footage shows one of the burglars throwing a rock to break a window, as they were all rolled up tight.

One of the men quickly snatched a laptop from the truck before running off.

Ironically, they simultaneously may have saved a life; by  smashing the window open, they gave the dog much-needed fresh and cooler air.

While it was 82 degrees outside, the American Veterinary Medical Association explains car temperatures can quickly rise up to 125 degrees.

"I truly believe that if they didn't break the window, the dog would have died," said Declan Morgan, owner of Irish Nobleman Pub, reports DNA Info. "I asked the guy why he left his dog in the car. He said he thought he parked in the shade."

After the car owner arrives an hour later, the exhausted dog can be seen panting, stretching and lying on the ground.

It’s not the first time burglars have saved lives, the Nottingham Post reports.

In November 2015, burglars broke into a home in England’s and accidentally knocked over their goldfish bowl.

While they did lose a laptop, the intruders made sure the fish was safe by placing it in the sink.

"They're just there to take whatever they can to make some money from,” said Monica McGill. “They weren't there to hurt a child or kill an animal or anything like that. They probably know we have insurance for the rest of the stuff, but not the pet and that's why they saved him."

Still, she said, they were devastated over what they did lose.

The laptop, she explained, contained thousands of family photos.

"They stole a few other things but I don't care about that, I just want the pictures back. I've been taking them ever since my son was born, so we have six years' worth of pictures. There are thousands,” she said. “I'm not even bothered about the laptop. They can burn the pictures onto a disk for all I care -- I just want them back."

Sources: Daily Mail, DNA InfoNottingham Post  / Photo credit: all around the web/YouTube

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