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Burglar Steals Ashes Of Baby, Caleb Ean Hughey

A Georgia family returned home on Monday to discover that their house had been broken into and a burglar had made off with jewelry, valuables and something even more important - their son’s ashes. Caleb Ean Hughey died at birth in 2008 and the family had been keeping his remains in a shiny, silver box that is engraved with Caleb's name, birth date and an angel.

Jody and Haley Hughey are hoping that someone will recognize the box and return it to them. It goes without saying that its contents are extremely valuable to the family.

"It is a shiny, silver-looking box," Jody said, "so they might have thought that the box itself was of value. They may not have even realized what was in there. And they may have simply thought, 'that's a nice looking box, there's probably some expensive jewelry in there.' You know, I'm assuming they didn't even open it to look in, they just shoved it into a backpack and took off."

It was extremely painful for the couple to lose their son a second time, Newser reported. 

"We've struggled with infertility for about four or five years now, and we've not been able to have children, other than the one. And he was born prematurely. We lost him at birth." Jody said. "So he is, to us, he is our only son. And it's very important we get him back."

The box is square, about four inches by four inches, and about two or three inches deep.

The Hugheys are asking that anyone who sees it call Cobb County Police or 911.

(The box in question is pictured above.)

Sources: Newser, USA Today


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