Burglar’s Calling Card: Using Victim’s Toilets Without Flushing


A Swedish burglar allegedly breaks into homes, uses the victim’s toilet and never flushes, police say.

Police say the suspect doesn’t steal anything from the apartments and there aren’t any signs of forced entry, although all the homes have been locked. Instead, the suspect defecates and sometimes leaves behind boxes of tea.

Local newspapers have take to calling him “the poop man,” the Daily Mail reported.

Residents in southwest Sweden say they are terrified after the suspect invaded their home several times. Many of them blamed their families for forgetfulness after finding the poop man’s calling card. Eventually they realized the same thing was happening to their neighbors.

“Someone walks in when you are not at home, shits and walks out again,” victim Markus Andersson, 25, told GT.se. “I didn’t believe it at first, but now I’ve understood it’s been happening to my neighbors as well.”

Police say the lack of forced entry indicates that the suspect may have access to building keys. Landlords are currently installing new locks.

Emmeli Johansson says the poop man has hit her apartment several times but the last time was different.

“It started two months ago and has happened maybe four times, and on Monday when I came home from work it got worse,” Johansson said. She found three boxes of tea in her kitchen that she hadn’t bought. Her gaming console was also hidden between two bags of cookies.

While the activity has some residents snickering, a criminal profiler and psychiatrist said the activity is serious.

“It is a very aggressive action which should be taken very seriously,” says Ulf Åsgård.

Åsgård says the suspect is likely a male who lives in the neighborhood and wants to feel as though he has power over his victims.

“The perpetrator knows when the resident is away from the property and perhaps also how long,” he said.

Sources: Daily MailGT.se

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / dirtyboxface


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