Phoenix Burglary Suspect Flees House, Leaves ID Card Behind


A burglar forgot one important thing Sunday after breaking in to a Phoenix, Arizona, home and making off with the residents’ car.

The Phoenix Police Department took the thief’s ID card as evidence, which he left behind as he made a quick escape. The media is reportedly awaiting confirmation from the police before revealing the offender’s name.

“I woke up and I look out in the living room and there's somebody sitting on the computer and they're typing,” Janey Radiant told KPHO, recalling the incident. “I think it's my fiancé, because usually he's up early in the morning. But when I look over, he's asleep next to me."

It turned out to be a stranger, who had walked in after the door had been left unlocked.

"I'm like what the - what's going on?” commented Nick Venuto, Radiant’s fiance. "And, what the hell? And, he said something along the lines of ‘I didn't know anyone was here.'"

It was Radiant’s action that caused the man to leave his card.

“Well I went out there and I put my hands on my hips, do my mom mode and said, 'Empty your pockets,'” she said.

The man obeyed, taking out his photo ID.

“I grab it from him and I walk over to my computer to take a picture of it and he bolts out the door,” Radiant added.

The couple were not aware at that point that the man also had their car keys in his pocket. He made his getaway in the family’s Toyota Camry.

The stolen car will not only having a significant financial impact on the family if it isn't returned, but it has also forced them to put a planned road trip to Nebraska with Radiant’s 6-year-old daughter on hold.

“We had everything set,” Venuto stated. “We've been working on this for two months. And, right before we leave, it's just gone.”

The car is reorted to be a charcoal gray 2000 Toyota Camry, with the Arizona license plate BAN6503. Anyone with information about this car is encourage to contact the Phoenix Police Department.

This isn't the first time a thief has left their ID card behind. In Plantation, Florida, last year, a burglar left behind is driver's license after breaking into a car dealership, WFTV reported at the time.

"We were laughing pretty hard," Danny Fleming of Arion Motors told the news station. "Obviously, we were upset, but it wasn't too hard for the cops to put this one together."

In that case, police were able to apprehend the suspect who left behind his ID.

Sources: KPHO, WFTV

Photo Credit: KPHO


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