Burglar Injures Self Breaking Into Home; Residents Inside Help Him Out


A man who severely hurt himself breaking into a Utah home asked for assistance from the home’s residents, according to police.

A 20-year-old man, whose name is not yet known, broke a window at a house early Thursday morning, Salt Lake police detective Dennis McGowan told KSL. A piece of glass caused a "large and deep" cut to one of his arms, as he entered through the window.

"The guy just walked through here, walked through the entire living room and the hallway, screaming for help," Pablo Solorio, one of the three adults home at the time, said.

Solorio’s step-father reportedly helped the intruder to the bathroom, while 911 was called.

"The funny thing is, I met the kid the weekend before," Solorio said. "He knew my name. He was like, 'Pablo, help me! Help me! Help me!'"

The Huffington Post reports that Solorio said the intruder had a video game console in his hands but claimed he jumped through the window to get away from people who were chasing him.

The burglar was hospitalized in critical condition and McGowan noted that it was possible an artery was cut.

"These people, they took pity on this person. They saw he was severely injured and they rendered aid," McGowan stated.

It was expected that the burglar would be arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail after being released.

Sources: Huffington Post, KSL


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