Burglar Found Dead In Garden From Injury Sustained During Robbery


A burglar was found dead in a garden after robbing a solicitor’s office in Crumpsall, Manchester, United Kingdom.

According to police, Kane Clarke, 53, died as a result of blood loss from a cut on his leg sustained during the break-in at Deen Wahid solicitors, per The Mirror.

A trail of blood was found from the solicitors’ office to across the road where the body was found. There was also a substantial amount of blood found in the solicitors’ office that matched Clarke’s DNA.

Clarke’s fingerprints and prints matching his shoes were also found at the scene.

The injuries sustained by Clarke included a gaping wound on his right leg and another large wound on his right thigh, possibly caused by kicking through glass.

“The deceased was found dead in the front garden. A forensic post-mortem showed the deceased had sustained a lower limb wound as his leg passed through a large glass plate,” Dr. Philip Lumb said.

Blood tests showed traces of cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol in Clarke’s body.

Clarke died from a hemorrhage from the wound on his leg.

More than $20,000 worth of damage was caused by the break-in, reports Manchester Evening News.

A safe, two computers, a bag, and a phone were stolen from the office.

Other suspects were questioned but police have determined Clarke was solely responsible for the robbery.

"It's clear from the evidence that the deceased was solely responsible for the break-in,” Detective Sergeant Chris Flint said.

Sources: Mirror, Manchester Evening News / Photo Source: Mirror


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