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Burger King's New "Pornoburger" is Obscene

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What is it with these burger joints selling more sex than food? Burger King has jumped on the trashy bandwagon with its latest campaign for the "BK Super Seven Incher." Just take a gander at the innuendo-laden ad:

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Ed Morrissey of Hot Air noted:

I'm pretty sure I'm safe in assuming that the originators of this campaign were men. The model in the pic suggests that they were men more familiar with blow-up dolls than real women, too. How many moms will make the choice to go to Burger King after this? Or will they opt for the more friendly atmosphere at McDonald's, Wendy's, and other fast-food options?...

... [W]e've moved a long way from "Have it your way." Now we have PornoBurger. What's next, a celebrity endorsement from Ron Jeremy?

I had to look up Ron Jeremy.

Sexing up burgers is apparently a new trend for BK. Recall its entirely inappropriate SpongeBob SquareButtsPants tv ad a few months back.


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