Burger King Introduces Gay Pride Whopper (Video)


A Burger King in San Francisco launched a new menu item, the Proud Whopper, during Sunday’s LGBT pride parade.

The Proud Whopper comes wrapped inside a rainbow-colored wrapper, but is actually the same Whopper that the fast food chain has always sold.

The interior of the rainbow-colored wrapper explains the burger: “We Are All the Same Inside.”

As part of the Proud Whopper promotion, Burger King filmed customers' reactions, reports the Associated Press (video below).

"I think this wrapper means we all have the same rights," a young child said.

"A burger has never made me cry before," one woman added.

However, not all Burger King customers were happy about the "new" offering.

“Well, if that’s what they’re gonna do, they won’t be having my business anymore,” one man stated.

Another customer asked whether “gay people even eat fast food.”

“As a brand, we welcome everyone,” Fernando Machado, a senior vice president of global branding for Burger King, told TIME magazine. “We felt that [the Proud Whopper] could bring to life a message of equality, self-expression, authenticity and just being who you are.”

Burger King also sponsored pride parades in New York and San Francisco this past weekend and gave out 70,000 rainbow-colored paper crowns.

“As with anything in life, there will be people who will like it, there will people who will dislike it,” Machado added. “We just hope that people will understand that the message is a beautiful one. Frankly we were not concerned about benchmarking ourselves compared to other brands. We were much more concerned to do what was right for our brand.”

Sources: Associated PressTIME


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