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Teens Charged For Throwing Bunny Against Wall (Video)

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Three Florida teens were arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a video (below) surfaced of them repeatedly throwing a bunny at a wall.

The clip shows a rabbit being held by the throat and then thrown against the wall a number of times. The teen girls can be heard laughing as the bunny violently hits the wall.

One of the teen also appears to kick the animal as it tries to escape. 

An x-ray ultimately revealed that the bunny suffered a leg fracture. Otherwise, the animal was okay, the Florida Times Union reported.

“So sad. Maybe these girls need to be tossed around like a rag doll. They might get it then, what they are doing is cruel. But I doubt they would,” one viewer commented on Facebook. 

“If they don't yet realize how wrong what they did was... that's double sad. I think we just mainly want them to wake up and realize they did a very bad thing...and be sorry. Kids are getting very misled these days. other kids. ..and by tv and movies and games. I'm not against tv and movies and games...but they all need to be rated and the parents stick to it,” another wrote.

The teens were arrested after officers located and rescued the rabbit. They were taken to a juvenile detention facility in Jacksonville once the animal was safely in custody.

A Florida Times Union reader commented:

There is a high correlation between animal abuse and cruelty [toward] people like murder, family violence and elder abuse. These girls must be taken out of their homes (and our community), and put in institutional environments until they are well. Without a doubt this isn't the first time they've been a part of animal cruelty. Their parents have been aware of this behavior for years, and have been unable to control them. All serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer etc. did this when they were young. Organic brain disease, although rare, can also cause this sociopathic behavior. So they need thorough physicals before they are housed in a maximum security psychiatric facility.

Sources: Florida Times Union, Laura Morabito/Facebook, JaxDotCom/YouTube / Photo credit: Nassau County Animal Services/Florida Times Union

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