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Bungee Jumper's Family Watches As Dad Dies (Video)

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The horrifying moment when a Brazilian bungee jumper perished after hitting the ground because his “rope was too long” was captured on film (video below).

No one could have foreseen the fate of 36-year-old Fabio Ezequiel de Moraes, when he leaped 131 feet off a railway bridge to his death in Sao Paolo, Brazil, The Sun reports.

In the video, Moraes can be seen preparing for the jump, and then the video blacks out while he’s in midair. Moraes' wife, brother and son accompanied him for the jump, and watched in horror as their loved one died. Though there was an inflatable landing pad at the bottom, Moraes missed it and hit the bare ground.

The bungee cord Moraes used was too long for the jump, which caused him to hit the ground and ultimately his death.

He was taken to a local hospital, but doctors could save him, according to MetroUK. Brazilian authorities have confiscated the bungee equipment and are investigating the event.

Moraes originally planned to perform the jump with his 6-year-old son, but decided to do it alone at the last minute, The Sun reports.

In November, a South Korean bungee jumper, identified as Yoo, was hospitalized for one month due to a faulty chord. The 29-year-old fell 140 feet into the water below, the Daily Mirror reports.

She was taken to the hospital and suffered serious head, neck and chest injuries.

''There was no rebound from the rope I was attached to and I fell straight down into the water below,” said Yoo. ''The employee made me jump despite not securing the rope to a safety hook.''

After police inspected the footage, they arrested the man operating the bungee attraction.

A spokesperson for the bungee company stated: "Our employee did, in fact, fasten the rope to the hook but the screws came loose, and Yoo fell after the rope rebounded once."

Sources: MetroUK, The Sun, Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Liveleak via The Sun

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