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Bundy Supporters Tell Mexican-American Reporter: ‘You Don’t Deserve First Amendment Rights’ (Video)

A Mexican-American TV reporter covering the Bundy Ranch in Nevada was ganged up on after he questioned Cliven Bundy about his views on race.

Internet radio host Pete Santilli, known for saying he wished he could shoot Hillary Clinton “right in the vagina,” approached Channel 3 News reported Antonio Castelan and began interrogating him. On Friday Castelan attended a press conference where Bundy explained why he doesn’t believe it’s racist to say black people were better off as slaves, Right Wing Watch reported.

“Who do you work for?” Santilli demanded, pointing a camera at Castelan.

“Do you believe that the media is state-run and that some of your line of questioning isn’t representative–” Santilli continued as a crowd drew near.

“No I don’t think it’s state-run,” Castelan said.

“Why aren’t you questioning Harry Reid…” another man chimed in.

“Do you believe your questioning was completely and totally biased?” Santilli pressed.

“As a Mexican-American I don’t think it was biased,” Castelan said.

“As a Mexican-American, you said,” Santilli added. “Why do you believe you need to inject Mexican-Americanism into your line of questioning?”

“Why are you tearing us apart and not bring everybody together?” another man asked.

“You believe it’s about race? No, sir! His words were taken out of context,” Santilli pursued Castelan. “It’s not about race.”

“What you did was cowardice,” another man hounded Castelan. “That is a god-fearing man, and we’re all here, this isn’t about, none of us…”

“I’ll tell you what he’s protecting your interests regardless of your bias,” Santilli yelled. “As a Mexican-American you should know that we’re defending your rights, and you’re working for the state-run media, and you should know that, especially by the bias in the line of your questioning.”

“You’re not serving the American public and you do not deserve even First Amendment constitutional rights, sir!” he shouted as Castelan walked away.

Sources: Mediaite, Right Wing Watch


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