Bundy Supporters Organize Illegal ATV Ride Through Protected Native American Lands

Cliven Bundy supporters organized a demonstration of 50 activists who rode their ATVs through protected Native American land on Saturday to protest federal protection of ancient historic sites throughout the American West.

Activists road into Recapture Canyon, home to Native American artifacts, where trails have been off-limits to vehicles for more than seven years. A 14-mile area of trails in the canyon is closed to motorized vehicles, but more than 2,800 miles of other trails are still open to ATVs. 

"Recapture Canyon is public land belonging to all Americans and contains ancient cultural sites and artifacts that are at serious risk of being destroyed or damaged," Bureau of Land Management Utah State Director Juan Palma said in a statement.

Activists aim to put pressure on federal land managers to reopen all trails to ATVs.

"I came here to re-open a road," Bundy’s son Ryan Bundy told the crowd Saturday.

Activists road with young children and carried American flags.

"This is where it's happening Saturday," Bundy support Ryan Payne, of Montana, told the Las Vegas Sun. "This is a continuation of the Bundy affair."

No one was arrested at the event, although federal agents allegedly recorded the activists and intend to prosecute.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) asked the public to uphold the law.

Sources: Business Insider, Newser


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