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NYC Bus Passengers Come To Elderly Man's Aid After Bully Punches Him (Video)


A bully was caught on video (below) attempting to intimidate an elderly gentleman on a New York City bus, before the other passengers rushed to put a stop to the confrontation.

In the video, the enraged bully is seen yelling at the elderly man, who is sitting in a seat near the front of the bus. He unleashes a series of profane comments, telling him to “call the f**king police” and threatening him if he did. 

A number of passengers attempt to vocally intervene to no avail, and the elderly man remains calm throughout the confrontation. As the bully gets closer and closer, the elderly man stands up using his cane and prepares to defend himself. 

The bully begins punching the man, prompting other passengers to jump in and use force to take him down. The bully was eventually apprehended by the passengers and thrown off the bus. 

Watch the incident unfold below.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube / Photo credit:


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