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Bully Picks On Kid Half His Size, Pays The Price (Video)

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Video (below) of a bully crying after being hit in the face by a kid he fought has gone viral.

In a video of the incident, the two kids can be see standing on a lawn while several other children surround them. One of the kids involved in the fight is a tall and heavy bully, wearing a red shirt and shorts. The other is much smaller and seemingly scrawny, wearing a pink t-shirt. 

The bully begins to taunt the smaller kid, egging him on and telling him to fight. The smaller child is hesitant, seemingly uninterested in being involved. 

"Come on, fight me!" the bully says before shoving the smaller kid.

The bully then begins to slap the smaller kid, and they push each other back and forth slightly. The bully takes several unsuccessful swings at the boy before he retaliates — unleashing a strong right hook and punching the bully directly in the face with intense force. 

The bully then grabs his face and walks away, holding his mouth and seemingly holding back tears. The child filming laughs at the bully and tries to follow him, but the bully pushes the camera away and walks away with his hand over his mouth. 

As the bully walks away in shock, he can be heard crying out in pain while several kids laugh at his misfortune.

The clip, which was originally uploaded in 2013, has garnered over 150,500 views on LiveLeak as of May 5.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I have this strange pleasure when a bully gets destroyed in seconds, like me I was quiet small and when a boy thought about being a bully he tried to fight this video is almost exactly what happened," one viewer commented on YouTube.

One viewer shared their own story on LiveLeak about a fight he had with a bully while in school:

Size ain't everything.

As a kid about age 10, I got targeted by a bully who was very clever about hiding his assaults from the teachers. He was one of those failures who have to repeat a grade; and so find themselves a year older and bigger than their classmates. He had decided to take full advantage.

I watched him work his domination shit on other kids till I couldn't stand it anymore, then told him what I thought of him.

He immediately made arrangements to meet after school and assured me he'd beat me to death. That was scary.

We met. We fought. He cried all the way home. I learned. Bluster and bravado mean nothing. Size means nothing. What has meaning is when you face up. And when you put all your weight and strength behind a well-laid punch.

He never troubled me again, nor anyone in my sight. That was gratifying. The more so in retrospect, since not every such encounter has been a success.

Watch the intense fight below.

Sources: InstaJustice/YouTube, LiveLeak / Photo credit: LiveLeak via InstaJustice/YouTube 

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