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Bully Arrested After Being Caught On Video Beating Two Brothers (Video)

A Cleveland bully seen on video beating up two brothers has been arrested.

In the clip, the bully is first seen repeatedly harassing the older brother. The brother clearly wants nothing to do with the bully, but the bully repeatedly slaps him on the head and taunts him. Eventually, the bully blocks the older brother from walking and hits him.

When the brother tries to defend himself, the bully knocks him to the ground with one punch. Then, the younger brother steps in. The younger brother is obviously many years younger than the bully and is a fraction of his size. He tries for a few moments to fight the bully, but is eventually picked up and slammed to the ground.

A bystander filmed the whole thing and gawked as it unfolded. Here’s the footage:

Cleveland police confirmed to News Channel 5 that the bully has been arrested. They could not confirm exactly when the incident happened, but say it took place in recent days. It is not known at this time what criminal charges he will face. 

Sources: News Channel 5, Inquisitr


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