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Bully Apologizes To Halsey Parkerson After 100 Supporters Show Up To His School (Video)

Tired of repeatedly being taunted and verbally abused, Oregon teen Halsey Parkerson finally stood up to his bully last week after 100 new friends showed up to support him.

When Halsey Parkerson’s aunt recently met with him for lunch at South Salem High School, she overheard a bully telling him he has no friends and nobody cares about him. Parkerson said it wasn’t the first time he was treated this way.

His aunt decided she’d meet with him again on Friday, and this time she invited people on Facebook to take a stand against bullying.

About 100 people in 50 cars showed up to the school. One traveled more than 350 miles from Vancouver, Canada, to be there for Parkerson.

The crowd demanded the unnamed bully apologize.

“I apologize,” the guy said sheepishly. “I apologize and I take it back."

The bully even offered Parkerson a high-five.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Parkerson told KATU. “I will now know whenever I get bullied I’ll raise my head up and say, ‘Sorry, I have too many friends to think I'm being bullied.’ This is one glorious day.”

Parkerson hopes his story will inspire other people being bullied to speak up and say something.

“If you’re being bullied, just stand up and express yourself,” he said.

He later thanked his new friends on Facebook.

“Thanks to everyone who was there with me and my family thanks also to the ones who could not make it by all you making a difference,” he wrote. “I truly mean it I’m tearing up thanks guys for standing up with me and helping me make a difference!!”

Sources: Metro, KATU


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