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Bullies Throw 6-Year-Old's Hearing Aids In A Pond (Video)


The mother of a 6-year-old hearing-impaired child is speaking out about how two neighborhood bullies took her son’s hearing aids and threw them into a pond.

Reports explain that Koltin Glover has been using hearing aids for some time and that they help the 6-year-old live like a normal child.

“He doesn't have any difficulty hearing volumes, he actually just has difficulty hearing different pitches and tones,” Amy Glover, Koltin’s mother, told KTVB. “So in the English language different letters of the alphabet automatically make different tones when you speak them, so there's certain letters of the alphabet that he just doesn't hear.”

While Koltin was recently playing outside, two other little boys decided to take his hearing aids and throw them in a pond at their apartment complex.

“I was hanging on the monkey bars and then another kid who was on the monkey bars took my hearing aids out,” Koltin explained. “And then the other kid who was on the monkey bars dared the kid with my hearing aids to thrown them in the pond.”

“And another little boy ran up and picked that one up off the bank of the pond and made sure it got in the water as well,” Amy added.

Amy says that even though she tried to dry the hearing aids, it’s unlikely that they can be saved.

“I cried for hours because I have no way of replacing them," she admitted. "I'm a single mom on one income with four children. It's just not any possible way for me to afford them. We actually went one year without him having aids and he went from being in the 95th percentile for development all the way down to the 50th in one year. So at this age, with him just starting school it is so important to his development that he has his aids.”

Amy’s insurance won’t cover a new pair until 2016, and the hearing aids reportedly cost $5,000. A GoFundMe page has been started to help the family raise money to buy them.

Sources: KREM, KTVB / Photo Source: KTVB


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