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'Kill Yourself Or We Kill Your Family': 13-Year-Old Girl Describes Threatening Messages From Bullies (Video)

A bullied 13-year-old girl and her mom, who live in Gordo, Alabama, are speaking out about the teen’s horrific encounter with bullies in the hopes that the students will stop threatening their lives.

According to reports, the 13-year-old girl has reportedly been bullied by at least two other high school girls since February. The victim, who is remaining anonymous, says she’s received a slew of threatening messages on social media telling her to commit suicide.

“Kill yourself or we will kill your family,” one of the messages reportedly reads.

The 13-year-old’s mom says she can’t stand watching her daughter be harassed and worries about the safety of her family.

“Our families were threatened, houses to be blown up,” the mom told Fox 6 News. “It was just unreal that kids the age that we think is doing it would do something like that.”

The teen says that the bullying has gotten so bad that it makes her not want to go to school anymore.

“Nobody should ever have to go through this…I wouldn't even put it on my worst enemy,” the girl admitted. “I used to wake up and be happy about going to school so see my friends. Now I regret even waking up in the morning.”

The frustrated mom has reportedly gone to the school to report the abuse and threats to administrators, but so far, she hasn’t gotten anywhere. She hopes that by going to the media, something can be done to stop them.

Despite claims that the school isn’t helping them, the district superintendent says they are taking the claims seriously.

“We've been working with the Gordo Police Department and they are investigating it to the fullest,” Pickens County School Superintendent Jamie Chapman said. “I have full confidence that we're handling it to the best of our ability.”

The bullied teen says she hopes that other kids will hear her story and think about what their words can do.

“People kill themselves because of this,” the teen said. “Y'all are worth every second y'all are on this earth. Don't ever think that you're not because God put you on here for a reason.”

Police say they are actively investigating the incident.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 6 News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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