Bullies Rip Extensions From Third Grader Aolani Dunbar's Hair, Permanently Damaging Her Skull

Last week, we told you about Jordan Lewis, the 15-year-old high school student from Illinois who killed himself due to bullying at school.

Today we’ve heard of another terrible bullying incident. The victim this time is an 8-year-old elementary school student in Carroll County, Georgia.

The victim, Aolani Dunbar, went to school recently with extensions in her hair. She was teased and harassed by fellow students for the extensions. At recess, students repeatedly pulled on Aolani’s extensions, eventually ripping them out of her hair. The skin on her skull is permanently damaged, and doctors say she may never be able to grow hair on her head again.

“They kept pulling it and pulling it, especially on the playground," Aolani said. "Everybody got a chance, and I was in the gazebo sitting there crying because I have no friends to play with that will protect me." 

Aolani is now left with a gaping wound on her head, and she was told by doctors to shave her head to avoid infection.

Her grandmother, Dorris Bearden, spoke to Atlanta news station WSB-TV about the incident. Bearden says Aolani put extensions in so that she could brush her hair like other girls at school.

"She steps in the door of that school and the first thing they do is attack her and start ripping her hair out," Bearden said. "When I saw just the horror of it, I just started to cry. I cried as I unbraided her hair and the hair fell out in my hands." 

Bearden says she reported Aolani’s injuries as soon as she was aware of them. One student from the elementary school has been suspended as a result.

Doctors told Aolani and her family that she may need skin grafts on her skull and might never re-grow natural hair on her head again. Family members have shaved their head in support of Aolani. They are asking others to do the same and donate their hair to Locks of Love so that wigs can be made for Aolani and other children in need. 

Source: WSB-TV, Daily Mail


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