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Autistic Boy Punched In Face By Bullies

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A 15-year-old autistic boy was the subject of a horrific attack at the hands of three schoolyard bullies. The attack, which was filmed and shared on social media, took place at an Australian park on Feb. 11.

The autistic boy was verbally taunted and punched in the face in broad daylight at a skate park while on a swing.

In the video, the 15-year-old can be heard screaming in terror and seen covering his face with his arms and kicking his legs violently to fend off the attackers. The victim yells out that he "didn't do anything!" At one point, the person filming the assault coaxed the bullies to "make him cry."

The bullies threw the victim off the swing, causing him to fall to the ground, before kicking him. Although it's unclear why the bullies targeted the 15-year-old, but the perpetrators can be heard mentioning the victim's mother knocking on their door, according to the Daily Mail.

The footage was posted on Facebook with the caption, "[Victim's name] the girl bashed for talking s***," and has been viewed over 200,000 times, according to

An hour after the initial bullying video was shared, the poster followed up, boasting, "3.5K views on bashing the MORISSET snitch."

Hundreds of users jumped to the autistic boy's defense, calling the assaulters "cowards" and "maggots." Some people bet that a video of them beating the bullies would get more views than the original video, while others claimed they knew the three bullies and would expose their address and a photo of the house where they are said to live in.

A Facebook user claiming to be the victim wrote, "I got kicked in the face and the ribs, got punched got my head slammed into a concrete wall.

"I am all good know they are just f****** c**** who think they could pick on me all the time."

The autistic boy suffered cuts and bruises on his face and body, according to the police report. The bullies, ages 19, 17 and 16, were detained on Feb. 12 at a shopping mall and charged with robbery in company. The three perpetrators were granted conditional bail; the 19-year-old will appear in court on March 8, while the other two will appear in a minor's court on March 7.

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

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