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Bullies Eat Cupcakes Tormented Girl Made For Them, They Don't Realize What's Inside

A 10th grader at Centennial High School allegedly gave students that were bullying her some very disgusting cupcakes.

ABC 5 reported that a Centennial High School student was accused of giving away cupcakes that contained pubic hair, semen, expired food, and pills.

The female student that reported the tainted cupcakes also noted the cupcakes were handed out to students who had bullied the accused 10th grader.

When students asked the girl why the cupcakes did not taste good, she responded by saying she put bodily fluids in them.

All of the cupcakes were destroyed, so testing them was not an option and the health department was called off the investigation.

A Bakersfield Police Department investigation has concluded that no bodily fluids were found in the cupcakes, reports ABC 23. However, it is unclear how they came to this conclusion if the cupcakes were not tested.

The cupcakes were made with everyday household kitchen condiments, such as mayonnaise, soy sauce, and barbecue sauce, says Bakersfield Police Sergeant Joe Grubbs.

The investigation is still ongoing, and a new school policy banning outside food from being brought to campus has been initiated.

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