Bullied Teenager Kills Himself, Leaves Behind Message Saying 'The Kids at School are RIght'


A New Mexico teenager with one year left in high school killed himself after posting a farewell letter online about his experience with bullying.

Carlos Vigil, 17, tried to commit suicide Saturday afternoon because he believed “the kids in school are right, I am a loser, a freak and a fag and in no way is that acceptable,” according to a message on his Twitter page posted before his dad found him.

Vigil was taken to a hospital during the weekend, but was taken off life support today, according to the Daily Mail.

Dozens of Carlos’s classmates visited the hospital on Monday while he was still on life support.

Jacqueline Vigil, Carlos’s mother, said she blames her son’s death on bullying, according to Bossip.com.

“He is not here because of bullying,” she said. “It drove him over the edge.”

Carlos’s parents said kids at school have bullied Carlos for years for his sexual orientation, weight, glasses and acne. 

In his message on Twitter, Carlos apologized for “not being a person that would make someone proud.”

Ray Vigil, Carlos’s father, had just returned home from North Carolina where he was promoting an anti-bullying bill when he saw his son’s tweet. 

“Carlos wanted to be accepted by all, when he only needed to be accepted by himself,” Ray said.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Bossip.com 


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