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Bullied Drew Ferraro Jumps to Death from Roof of Calif. School

Horror at a school in California as a student jumps to his death from the roof of the building.

The Daily Mail reports that the nightmare unfolded Friday just before the lunch period at Crescenta Valley High School outside of Los Angeles. Drew Ferraro, 15, took a running leap off of the three-story building.

"We saw the body on the floor and it was just all blood, everywhere," said student Seline Babayan. "Everyone was traumatized; they were crying. It was horrible — I didn’t even want to look — so I just turned around."

Friends say Ferraro was bullied at school.

"He definitely was bullied and he didn’t want to go to school, and I know how it feels because I was bullied and I didn't want to go to school," Meghan Dorosy told KCAL-TV.

Another friend said some kids used to taunt him, and he was "haunted" by a fight he had last year with several students.

"He always seemed like he had something on his mind but it was never... never indicative of anything like this," Olin Tellefson said.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Richard Sheehan said grief counselors will be on hand when school reopens Tuesday after a holiday on Monday. "Our thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time. Our first concern is for the well being of all of our students. Together with our supportive community we will help our students get through this," he said.

But things will never be the same.

"One person changed an entire school in 20 minutes," student Michael Kim told the Sacramento Bee.


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