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Bullied 15-Year-Old Hangs Herself And Leaves Harrowing Note

A 15-year-old Ohio girl committed suicide last week, and the disturbing note she left gives some insight into what drove her to take her own life.

Cora Delille of Pickerington hanged herself in her bedroom and was found alongside a note that outlined the bullying and torment she dealt with on a daily basis. "Thanks for all the pain," she wrote, after naming her bullies.

“She named like maybe four, maybe five kids,” said Matt Delp, Pickerington Police Commander. “Just first names only. She had a lot of issues going on in her life. Her boyfriend broke up with her, she didn't know if her mother loved her. There were a lot of other things going on in her life other than bullying.”

According to the Daily Mail, she "named at least four fellow students, including girls and two ex-boyfriends."

Delille’s mother says she was aware that her daughter had been made fun of, but she didn’t know how bad it actually was.

“She mentioned here and there when kids made fun of her,” said Delille’s mother Amy Hall. “She didn’t clue me in to how bad it was.”

In her emotional note, Delille outlined how bad the bullying was and that she had decided to kill herself not only because of tormentors, but also because of a lot of other issues going on in her life. Authorities say that Delille may have felt abandoned by both her father and her stepfather.

“It’s a very complex issue,” said Delp. “There are multiple variables at play. This is just one little bit of the big picture. There is nothing that law enforcement can do with this case.”

School officials say that Delille never reported any bullying to them, so they were surprised to learn about what she had been going through. Delille’s mother says she hopes that her daughter’s death can be a catalyst for change.

“The system is failing. A lot of other kids are suffering,” said Hall. “They need to know there are other people out there to help. They don’t need to keep it inside.”

Friends of Delille are shocked that she would take her own life, while admitting that they were aware of the bullying at school. Reports also claim that some students are still bullying the 15-year-old, even after her death, by ripping up a mourning poster mounted on her locker and spreading rumors about her around the school. One student even claims that some kids are happy Delille is dead.

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