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Spain's National TV Network: We Won't Air Bullfights

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Spain's national television network, RTVE, has announced that it is refusing to air bullfights, noting that it is inappropriate for children (and, we might add, anybody else) to see violence toward animals.

Increasing opposition to bullfighting (72 percent of Spaniards are against it, Catalonia has banned it, and Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa recently called it a "spectacle of violence") might also have something to do with the move.

tomas castelazo/CC by 3.0

In the face of so much opposition, why does bullfighting still exist? In a word: tourists. If you travel to Spain, Portugal, or Central or South America, never patronize a bullfight, and if your travel agent includes tickets to bullfights in your tour package, ask him or her for a different itinerary.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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