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Bullfighting Banned!

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Voters in Ecuador recently banned bullfighting in the country, ending 500 years of stabbing bulls to death for "entertainment." While it is still legal for matadors to fight bulls (as long as the animal is not killed), a similar 2004 restriction in the city of Cuenca resulted in the virtual disappearance of bullfighting.

Bulls are still being killed in the ring in Panama, which is home to actor Patricia de León. Last night, the vegetarian and strong opponent of bullfighting gave a live interview on CNN en Español to talk about her anti-bullfighting campaign with PETA and why the cruel blood sport should end worldwide. You can help by not patronizing bullfights and by educating your travel agent about the cruelty behind bullfighting if he or she promotes it.

In another victory for animals, Ecuadorians also voted to make cockfighting illegal.  

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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