Bullets Fired Over Parking Space Dispute; Man Killed, Gunman Still at Large

Road rage has claimed the life of another victim; in this incident, tempers escalated uncontrollably over the question of a parking space.

The incident, which occurred on Monday evening, was caught on a nearby surveillance camera.

At around 7:30p.m., 24-year-old Darrell Lynch was shot in the left leg by a driver who had been trying to park in the same spot as him.

The gunman, however, wasn’t the only one who had a weapon on his person that night: Lynch fired his own gun back at the attacker.

When Lynch dropped the gun, his 55-year-old mother picked it up and continued firing at the gunman as he fled from the residential street in Jamaica, Queens.

As indicated by the five shell casings that were found at the scene, at least five shots were fired during the altercation. The gunman managed to get away without being hit.

After being shot, Lynch tried to drive away. Instead, he lost consciousness and crashed his SUV into two parked cars.

Lynch was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

The incident occurred about ten blocks away from where Lynch, who has a young daughter, lived.

The victim’s mother was questioned by police; she told investigators that her son had been shot after having an argument with another driver over the spot he had just parked in. She has yet to be charged for returning fire at the attacker.

The victim had been previously arrested. He was not licensed to carry the .45 caliber gun that he had in the car with him.

The gunman has yet to be caught.

Lynch’s friends and family have created a makeshift memorial on the block where the shooting occurred. Flowers, candles and farewell messages reading “You are still in my heart” and “RIP cousin Darrell” now mark the spot of the fatal shooting.

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