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Bulletproof Backpack In High Demand

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As an after effect of the mass killing in a Florida high school, the sales of bullet proof bags for kids soar to new heights.

The number of school massacres have grown widely in the nation, and some companies have taken it upon themselves to provide children with necessary equipments so as to save their lives in times of grave danger -- such as a lethal shooting rampage, like what happened in Florida when an ex-student began firing at his old high school and took out 17 people with an AR-15 rifle, reports The New York Times.

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A company has created an everyday necessity as a weapon of protect against armed criminals, the backpack. The company also claims that this backpack will enable students to stop various kinds of ammunition from harming them.

According to ABC 13, the backpacks are already selling out.

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According to several reports, the parents of students are terrified of such incidents and are spending cash on such bullet proof backpacks.

According to TMZ, Massachusetts-based company Bullet Blocker sells fortified bags for a hefty amount, ranging from about $200 to $500. The company says it has seen a 30 percent spike in the rates of sales ever since the Parkland massacre in Florida.  People are scared.

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On Thursday alone, the company reportedly sold 500-plus bags, and the majority were headed to Florida, said owner Joe Curran, according to the New York Post. On the company website, Curran is described as “a real-life father who wanted to do all that he could to protect his two school-aged children after witnessing the horror of the Virginia Tech massacre.”

A Seabrook resident began to search for things to protect his children from such life-threatening occurrences. "I guess that's just the harsh reality of the world we live in today," said Nick Barnett after having seen a video from Florida’s shooting.

"It's still just kind of mind blowing that you even have to think about it," he added.

"Being how close they were to it and it's just no penetration, it's just really amazing. It really would make somebody feel very secure," said Tonnie Coleman, who works at the Central Spy Shop in northwest Houston. 

"You definitely can't put a price on your child's life. You do what you can to protect them, whether it be a bulletproof backpack or a helmet when they ride their bicycle," he continued.

One of the most popular backpacks offered by the manufacturer is their BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA, which is equipped with an anti-ballistic panel weighing in at around 20 ounces. They also claim that the bag is capable of stopping .357 and .44 Magnum rounds, 9 mm bullets and .45-caliber hollow-point ammo, as well as much more.

The president of Guard Dog Security, Yasir Sheikh, said that his company was not by any means flourishing on the parents' fears.

“It’s not as foreign anymore,” Sheikh told a local news outlet. “A few years ago, people would kind of frown at bulletproof backpacks, but people have accepted the idea.”

The company also caters to adult customers who are ready to pay a hefty amount with their luxury bulletproof item selection, which reportedly includes: a $3,100 Gucci diaper bag, a $3,200 Gucci jacket, a $5,225 Hermes bag and a $5,895 Armani suit.

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