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Bullet Bounces Off Man's Head While He Plays Video Games In His Apartment

A New Hampshire man lost in the digital world of video games was brought back to reality in one of the most harsh ways possible recently.

20-year-old Josh Demeritt was gaming in his apartment on Tuesday night when a stray bullet bounced off his forehead.

“Next thing I know I heard a loud noise, and I see some paint flying across the room,” Demeritt said. “I see the mark on the wall, I feel something hit me in the top of my head, and I thought somebody threw something in the room at first.”

At first, Demeritt had no clue what had hit him. Then, he looked at the floor.

“I ended up finding the bullet on the floor right next to where I was sitting,” he said.

Police now say 25-year-old Corey Field was cleaning his gun when his gun misfired and sent a bullet flying out of his apartment and across the street.

The path between Field and Demeritt’s apartment is clear: the bullet went through a wall in Field’s apartment, crossed the street, and went through a window, curtain, and wall in Demeritt’s apartment before hitting him on the forehead.

Police stated the obvious on Wednesday when they said that Demeritt is incredibly lucky to be alive.

“He was lucky that the bullet had gone through enough of the structures to run out of energy,” said Rochester Police Department Captain Paul Toussaint.

When Rochester police showed up to interview Fields, they found he had a warrant out for his arrest after failing to appear at an arraignment for a driving with a suspended license charge. When police questioned Fields about the shooting, he admitted to trying to hide the gun after the shooting. He also confessed that he hid the casing of the stray bullet in a soda can in his apartment.

Fields cooperation with police didn’t earn him any breaks, though. In fact, it did just the opposite. In addition to being charged with one count of reckless conduct for shooting the firearm, Fields was hit with one felony count of falsifying physical evidence for hiding the gun and casing.

His hearing is scheduled for January 22.

Sources: Mail Online, CBS Boston


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