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Bulldog In Recovery After Eating Three Pacifiers (Photo)

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A Pennsylvania bulldog miraculously survived after he swallowed three pacifiers.

The British bulldog, Elvis, was rushed to the emergency veterinary center by Lisa Marie Cainas, his owner, after Cainas saw him swallow a single pacifier. When the two arrived at the Levittown, Pennsylvania emergency unit, doctors took X-rays and performed an endoscopy, only to find the 6-year-old pup had swallowed three pacifiers, reports NBC Philadelphia.

Cainas said she’s unsure when Elvis swallowed the first two pacifiers, although she had noticed several had gone missing from her home.

Luckily, a vet pulled out the pacifiers by threading tape through them and using an endoscope. Because the pacifiers had not yet entered his small intestine, Elvis did not have to undergo further surgery.

According to doctors, Elvis has made a full recovery, despite once attempting to swallow a puzzle piece, reports Daily Mail. 

Dogs and other pets often eat household objects. It's so common, contests include the "They Ate What?" contest. Last year, one Florida cat received honorable mention after swallowing a toy alien and for the humorous X-ray that followed, reports Cat Channel.

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Sources: DailyMail, NBC News, Cat Channel

Photo Credit: VSEC of Levittown


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