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Bulldog Helps Trap Murderer Until Police Arrive (Photos)

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A brave bulldog protected his family from an Atlanta man on a violent, murderous crime spree.

Donte Wyatt began his violent spree in Stockbridge, Georgia, at the parking lot of a Waffle House, where he met his estranged wife and reportedly stabbed her multiple times in the chest, legs, torso and back. According to his wife’s father, Wyatt planned to kill her.

“He had duct tape, he had straps, he was going to strap her down and take her somewhere and kill her,” Tyrone Tiller told 11 Alive. “But she told me, she said, ‘Dad, I’m lucky to be alive, because he was intending to kill me.'”

Tiller’s daughter underwent surgery and is now in stable condition.

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(Donte Wyatt)

Wyatt then drove to Atlanta, where he broke into the home of Catherine Han Montoya and strangled her to death. Police followed him to the home, but he managed to steal Montoya’s van and crashed it not far from the home. He then fled on foot, running nearly a mile and entering the home of Adra and Eric Wilson through the basement.

Adra said she was upstairs at the time, and suddenly heard their dog, Wilson, barking loudly. Considering that the bulldog was generally quiet, she knew something was wrong.

“He just basically acted as a deterrent, and kept the intruder from coming upstairs,” she told 11 Alive.

According to authorities, Wilson kept Wyatt in the basement until police arrived.

“They say the dog bit him a couple of times, just kept him at bay,” Eric Wilson told the news station.

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After a four-hour standoff with officers, authorities were able to extract Wyatt from the home using tear gas. Thanks to Wilson, his family was protected from the dangerous man and able to avoid becoming his next victims.

Wilson will likely be behind bars for the rest of his life.

Sources: Life With Dogs, 11 Alive

Photo Credit: Eric Wilson, WXIA


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