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Bull Leaps Over Fence At Mexico City’s Famous La Monumental Bullring

A bull decided it wanted no part of bullfighting when it entered a ring in Mexico and went straight for the barricade that separates the ring and the audience.

On Sunday, Matador Eulalio Lopez was about to get in on the action with the 1,150-pound bull, known as "Cuadrillero," at Mexico City’s famous La Monumental bullring stadium, when the bull opted to jump over the fence instead. It ultimately landed in the area where matadors were waiting.

The spectacle caused all those around to scramble for their lives. The bull attempted to climb the fence and got a second boost by pushing off the barrier. It then crashed into a row of seating.

One person was taken to the hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

La Monumental bullring stadium in Mexico’s capital is one of the biggest in the world, with a capacity of 42,000.

An animal rights group attempted unsuccessfully to put a stop to bullfighting in the capital three years ago.

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Source: Daily Mail, Yahoo!, CBC


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