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Guess How This Guy Got His Tattoo

Insect expert Johnny Fedora gave himself a bunny-shaped “tattoo” by letting 1,000 bedbugs feast on his arm.

YouTube user JohnnyFedora, an entomologist, showed users what happens when skin is exposed of 1,000 of the critters, io9 reports. He put a rabbit-shaped stencil on the mouth of a jar filled with food-deprived bedbugs and held it to his arm.

After two hours, the rabbit tattoo is faint but visible. In 24, the entire area has become a red, rashy patch—unpleasantly itchy, he says.

In 48 hours, the bunny is back as a bumpy blister.

The rabbit and crescent tattoo— and the swelling—lasted only a few days before fading.

The bug expert used his body as an experiment to show users that bed bugs aren’t as vile as people think. Much of the population, he notes, doesn’t even notice a visible reaction from one bed bug bite. The blistering he experienced—as well as the pus-filled bumps—were the result of 1,000 hungry pests doing their worst.

Bed bugs are common pests in apartments and hotel rooms. The EPA recommends checking bed sheets and the seams of mattresses when staying away from home for signs of these unpleasant invaders. Red flags may include live bugs, rusty or reddish stains and pinpoint-sized dark spots.

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Sources: io9, EPA


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