Buffalo Wild Wings Waitress Refuses Serve to Armed Police Officers


A waitress at a Virginia Buffalo Wild Wings allegedly refused to serve eight plainclothes police officers because their guns were in full view. An apologetic restaurant manager is saying the incident was a "misunderstanding."

Eight Prince William County cops stopped at the Manassas restaurant on March 20, when an unidentified server told them they could not be helped if they did not remove their service guns from plain sight.

General manager for the store, Scott Lupton, said he learned of the event from Daryl LaClair, a local man who witnessed the incident and contacted restaurant representatives afterward.

Lupton denied that the officers were asked to leave.

“She went to a manager,” Lupton told FoxNews.com. “But nobody was asked to leave. It was a misunderstanding and we tried to apologize for it. I’ll keep apologizing for it as much as I can.”

Lupton said he sent a remorseful email to LaClair and also apologized to the police department, which refused to comment on the matter.

“There is no reason why those officers should have been asked to leave … police officers are always welcome in my establishment and even though we do have a no gun policy, as a company that excludes off duty police officer,” Lupton said in an email, according to the Patch.

“As a company we are community oriented,” he added. “We appreciate everything that police officers do for us.”

“It is the company’s practice to allow credentialed officers to carry guns,” said Angie Andresen, spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-based franchise. “We’re working with team members to make sure that everyone knows what the protocol is. They have apologized.”

LaClair told the Patch, “For this to have happened at all is just absurd.”

Sources: Fox, CBS DC


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