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Customer Writes Homophobic Slur In Place Of Tip (Photo)

A server at a Kentucky restaurant was shocked to see what a customer left in place of a tip.

Kyle Griffith was working at a Louisville Buffalo Wild Wings, when he got a surprising note in place of a tip, according to media reports.

Griffith says prior to the incident, it was a normal night like any other. He served a table of two young girls and says everything went well with their meal and his service.

"I ended up cashing them out, gave them boxes, told them if they needed anything else before they headed out to let me know," Griffith told WDRB.

After the two girls left the restaurant, Griffith saw what they wrote on the receipt in place of a tip. 

The receipt read, "Sorry I don't tip f*****s #uNeedJesus."

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"It just crushed me that someone could say something like that," Griffith said.

He added, "To see that coming from someone so much younger than me, just the hate instilled within them, it hurt me very deeply."

Griffith shared a photo of the receipt on his Facebook page and was surprised to see how much attention the post received. 

The Facebook post is now hidden because someone reported it as "offensive."

After the post was hidden, Griffith wrote on Facebook on Jan. 20 to clarify that he posted a picture of the receipt in an attempt “to show the hatred in the world we still live in, and to open at least an eye to the world’s problem," Pink News reports.

Buffalo Wild Wings released a statement regarding the incident on Jan. 24: 

We’re disappointed to learn about the comment left on a receipt by a Guest at one of our independently owned franchise locations in Louisville recently. Because Buffalo Wild Wings is about creating a great guest experience, we feel strongly that our restaurant environment needs to be respectful in order to provide the experience that our Guests and Team Members expect and deserve.

Griffith said Buffalo Wild Wings was supportive of him following the incident.

"They told me that if I needed anything I could come and talk to them, so it's just been amazing outpour of support and love from everybody around," he said. 

The customer who wrote the note commented on Griffith's Facebook post of the receipt photo, he says. 

"She did apologize and said that it was a joke and that it shouldn't have been a joke and that she felt bad for it,” Griffith said. "It's not something you should joke about. My sexual preference at all shouldn't be something someone should joke about."

Sources: WDRB, Pink News / Photo Credit: WDRB

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